Call for podcast guests: How did you make your career change?

tl:dr: I’m curating some specific career change stories. If you fit, fill out the intake form here.

I have a podcast for career changers. It’s been a ton of fun listening to stories about career adventures and how people navigate it all.

I recorded the first 20 episodes back in May. Now I’m looking to do another 20. I’m only doing 50 interviews (hence the name, 50 Conversations), so I’m looking for a few specific stories.

The goal of the podcast is to normalize career changes and show people the many paths you can take to a career change. In the first 20 episodes we covered everything from unexpected career changes, to mid-career changes and how to create your own career path. I heard from guests about what it’s like learn new skills by bootcamp, talked about international careers, and even how to bounce back after a layoff. The stories have been so good and I can’t wait to hear more.

The focus on this career change podcast is to highlight the how. Specifically, I’m interested in how people make these big changes and how they learn the skills needed to make the jump in to a new career. I’m focused on how the world of work is shifting, and how we need to upskill in order to adapt. The how is what makes this career podcast different than others.

This time around I’m specifically looking to dive into the learning paths that people choose as part of their career change. Whether it’s going back to school at 40, taking an online course to learn a new skills, or teaching yourself things from YouTube (all topics I’ve covered in my podcast), I want to hear how people learn new skills for their career.

So I’m looking for 20 new interviews! I’m looking to interview people who:

  • have graduated from a bootcamp and found a job in their target industry
  • taught themselves the skills they need through any combination of YouTube, online courses
  • learned new skills from an online course (like Coursera or Udemy) and changed careers
  • taken an online skill development course (like SkillCrush or Udacity)
  • changed careers after 40 or 50
  • changed careers into a remote job
  • had kids or were out of the workforce for a while to be a caregiver and then changed careers (shout out to the new moms!)
  • changed careers from a traditional path like medicine, law, firefighting, science research, or architecture into something completely different (see the episode: A Multifaceted Career: Scientist, Teacher, and Entrepreneur)
  • are working in a cutting edge field that most people don’t know about (example: I interviewed two guests who worked in conversational design last round – would love to interview someone at the intersection of AI and ethics)
  • have a liberal arts grads who have found multiple ways to apply their skills in their career
  • took an apprenticeship
  • aren’t college graduates who have made career changes

I’m also prioritizing stories from BIPOC and LGBTQ people!

Also please note: I am not interested in interviewing people who have started their own business. I have interviewed many of them for the first round and at this time the focus is not on starting your own business.

Interested? Fill out the guest intake form here and I’ll be in touch! Come same hi to us on Instagram while you’re at it.

The podcast is based on my new book for career changers.

Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots.