Hey there. I’m Nicolle and I’m obsessed with jobs and the skills needed to get them. I’m the one at the party who legitimately wants to know what you do.

I’m smashing traditional career narratives and upgrading career eduction at GlobalMe School. I founded GlobalMe School to change the way we talk about careers and prepare people for jobs that don’t exist yet.

I’m obsessed with the future of work but not in the OMFG-the-robots-are coming-to-take-our-jobs way. Instead I explore how we partner and adapt when algorithms are our coworkers. I teach professionals how to upskill and remain relevant in a rapidly changing work environment. I’m changing old-school career advice and delivering a whole new way of wrangling ambiguous career paths.

As I build the future of career education at GlobalMe School, I teach, speak, and write a lot. Here’s what I’m working on.

This blog is a parking space on all things related to my work. It’s part reflection, part framework, part idea parking, part daily writing practice, part gif party, and part accountability. It’s a lot of parts.

The best professional advice I ever received was to always say yes to a conversation. Subjects I love to exchange ideas on:

  • International education and new models of cross-cultural engagement
  • International student mobility, global talent, and international alumni engagement
  • The future of higher education and who’s doing it well
  • Online education, MOOCs, blended-learning, and experiential learning
  • The future of work as it relates to retraining and upskilling employees
  • Partnering with AI or cognitive tools as part of your daily job
  • Building AI/ML tools that change/will change the way we work
  • Upskilling and hybrid jobs

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Need a speaker who will take your audience on a wild ride? Want help building your employees soft skills? Check out my 2018 talks and workshops.