Hey there. I’m Nicolle and I’m obsessed with emerging careers and the skills needed to thrive in a new world of work. I’m the one at the party who legitimately wants to know what you do.

I founded Future Skills, a consulting company that examines emerging forms of expertise, skills, and training for the new world of work.

My writing covers the future of work beyond the narrative of robots taking all the jobs. I explore:

  • Upskilling programs (bootcamps, online courses, DIY learning) and how to integrate them into your career progress
  • The future of work as it relates to how automated platforms have changed the nature of work and hiring
  • Hybrid jobs and emerging career paths
  • AI in the workplace, from workplace surveillance to management by algorithm.
  • AI, data privacy, and ethical decision making for algorithm design
  • Podcasts that I love (and show notes from the podcast that I host)

My book on the future of work, upskilling, and how to change careers arrives in October 2019.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Check out my 2019 talks and workshops.