Hey there. I’m Nicolle and I’m obsessed with emerging careers and the skills needed to thrive in a new world of work. I’m the one at the party who legitimately wants to know what you do.

I founded Future Skills, a training company that examines emerging skills and prepares workers for the new world of work.

This is where I write. For information on upskill training, visit the company website. 


I wrote a book to help career changers navigate a changing workplace. It’s career advice upgraded for our new world of work. For my professional site with an overview of to my book visit www.nicollemerrill.com.


I also host a podcast for career changers at www.50conversations.com. 

I hop around to other podcasts to talk about our new world of work as well: 

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Your Job Search

How to Outsmart Artificial Intelligence and Develop Your Future Career

Global Careers as a Way to Travel More


My writing covers the future of work beyond the narrative of robots taking all the jobs. I explore:

  • Upskilling programs (bootcamps, online courses, DIY learning) and how to integrate them into your career progress
  • The future of work as it relates to how automated platforms have changed the nature of work and hiring
  • Hybrid jobs and emerging career paths
  • AI in the workplace, from workplace surveillance, to automation platforms, to management by algorithm.
  • AI, data privacy, and ethical decision making for algorithm design
  • Podcasts that I love 

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.


I speak, teach, and generally woo audiences a lot. 

Check out my 2020 talks and workshops.