Snowball fight from the stage.

Career workshops shouldn’t put people to sleep. 

I’m from a family of magicians so I was born to woo audiences. With over 15 years of designing and delivering interactive workshops, I have a style that engages audiences and motivates them to act.

My workshops prepare you for a new world of work where algorithms are our coworkers. I talk about artificial intelligence in the workplace, jobs of the near future, and how to change careers to get ahead of it all. 

Your audience is in for a wild ride.

2019 Workshops

Upskill Your Way Into a New Career

Here’s the new career reality:

  • 58 million new jobs will be created in the next five years thanks to automation and artificial intelligence
  • Two-thirds of millennials will have a new job by 2020.
  • Only 19% of companies still have traditional functional career models.

The career ladder is dead and traditional career advice is outdated. This work shop upgrades career advice to the new world of work. Designed for career changers, this workshop takes you on a wild ride that covers how to change careers, upskill for more money, and become an in-demand employee. I’ll cover jobs of the near future and answer the question: Will robots take our jobs? 

Even my slides are lively:

global careers future of work speaker

PowerSkills: Level Up in Your Career

Emotional intelligence is the secret to beating the robots and staying relevant in a changing workplace. This interactive workshop teaches you how to improve your power skills and build influence in the workplace. Covering public speaking, relationship building, curious conversations, negotiation, creativity, and self-promotion, this two-day workshop gives participants a chance to try them out during the workshop.

Michelle Obama knows PowerSkills are a game changer:

global careers future of work speaker


I get participants talking

global careers future of work speaker

global careers future of work speaker

global careers future of work speaker

Women Executive Training

Global Executive Training Nicolle Merrill

I get participants to engage

Speaking Nicolle Merrill

I have energy for days. 

Get a glimpse of my speaking style here and here

I partner with bootcamps, women’s organizations, and higher education institutions.



  • UC Davis, Davis, CA
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • Women in Travel Summit, Quebec City, CAN
  • AKQA, International Women’s Day, Portland, OR


  • Ladies Tech Night & Airbnb, Portland, OR
  • Code Writers Workshop, Seattle, WA
  • Women in Travel Summit, Milwaukee, WI
  • International Student Career Services Roundtable, Baltimore, MD
  • A$K for It, Portland, OR


  • Yale Global Executive Leadership Program, New Haven, CT
  • NAFSA, Regional Conference, Newport, RI
  • MBACSEA, Global Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Global Network Week Executive MBA, New Haven, CT
  • Connecticut Women Executives in Healthcare, New Haven, CT
  • MBACSEA, European Conference, Dublin, Ireland
  • International Student Career Services Roundtable, Baltimore, MD
  • Women in Travel Summit, Irvine, CA


  • NAFSA Annual Conference, May 26, 2015, Boston, MA
  • Women in Travel Summit, March 27, 2015, Boston, MA
  • Out Women In Business, March 4, 2015, New York, NY

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