future of work book

Not the official book cover or title. But hot damn it looks good.

I’m writing my second book. I can’t quite tell you what it’s about just yet. I can tell you what it’s not. It’s definitely not like my first book, which was super niche. I’m writing a future of work book but not about robots taking our jobs or economic models predicting a work-free future. I’m also not writing it for executives who need a future of work book about how to replace their workers with robots. It won’t be an ebook only. You’ll be able to touch it and smell it (I once had a boss and that was his thing, smelling books).

I’m officially kicking off this future of work book announcement with #NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Instead of writing a novel, I’m writing a nonfiction book. 50,000 words is the goal for all of November which makes me die a bit inside because in the whole of October I only wrote 9,000 words. So I’m taking things up a notch in November.

But here’s what really excites me about this adventure

I’m in inviting you to sign up and join me on this ridiculous journey. I’m a people person but writing is so solitary. So I’d like to write to others. I won’t write the book to you of course. Instead I’ll share content that I’m finding and using along the way. You’ll get articles, videos, insights from interviews, career advice and challenges. It’s a bit of a behind the scenes look at future of work stuff and the writing process. I’ll ask you questions too. You can respond if you feel like it but not pressure. I like curious people and I want to stay connected to curious people on this journey. If you sign up in November, you’ll find out if I actually make the #NaNoWriMo 50,000 word goal.

And of course when I finish the book by July 2019, you’ll get early access to this ambiguous future of work book, discounts, and more. I’ll definitely host a free talk for subscribers only.

So sign up for updates if:

  • You like unpolished, kinda messy, #nofilter content
  • You’re interested about the future of work but completely over the robots-take-our-job take on the subject
  • You’ve attended my webinars and thought, eff yes she’s onto something
  • You’re tired of outdated career advice that doesn’t help you at all
  • You’re writing a book too and want to hear from someone else putting themselves through this miserable process
  • You like puppies
  • You like podcasts
  • All of the above or none of the above