future of work book

Not the official book cover or title. But hot damn it looks good.

I’m writing a second book. It’s an adventure book for career changers. That’s pretty cryptic but that’s all I can give at the moment. I’m writing a future of work book but not about robots taking our jobs or economic models predicting a work-free future. It’ll be totally different fromĀ my first book, which was super niche. I’m pretty excited about it because I’ve spent two years listening to people as they talk about being stuck in their careers. I have heard your woes and hopes and needs. I see how traditional career advice is failing you. After two years of studying hiring algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the workplace, and new career paths, it’s clear we need a new framework for talking about career progression. I’ll be delivering that to you in 2019.

Here’s what really excites me about this adventure

I’m in inviting you to sign up and join me on this ridiculous journey. I’m a people person but writing is so solitary. So I’d like to write to others. I won’t be writing the book to you. Instead I’ll share content that I’m finding and using along the way. You’ll get articles, videos, insights from interviews, career advice and challenges. It’s a bit of a behind the scenes look at future of work stuff and the writing process. I’ll ask you questions too. You can respond if you feel like it but not pressure. I like curious people and I want to stay connected to curious people on this journey.

When I finish the book by July 2019, you’ll get early access to this ambiguous future of work book, discounts, and more. I’ll definitely host a free talk for subscribers only.

So sign up for updates if:

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