How To Get a Remote Job in 2019

how to get a remote job in 2019

Thanks for signing up for the new course How To Get a Remote Job in 2019 on GlobalMe School. Whether you call it work from home, virtual work, or remote work, I have you covered for the big remote job search in 2019.

Download the Remote Job Workbook

In the Remote Job Search workbook you’ll find:

  • 50 companies that hire remote workers
  • Reflection exercises to help you prepare for the remote job search (not required but encouraged)!
  • Inspiration for your future pants-free remote lifestyle

The workbook is designed to get you prepared to go remote in 2019. Whether you’re looking to spend more time with family, avoid the commute, or be a digital nomad, I want you to get a remote job in 2019!

Remember, you don’t have to be a tech person to go remote (though it always helps). There are plenty of jobs for remote workers outside of tech. There are remote jobs for virtual assistants, marketers, sales, teachers, tutors, accountants, medical professionals, and more!

So get inspired and get ready to go remote in 2019.