Bon Voyage

On top of leaving their country, which is surely one of the hardest decisions of their lives, each migrant must still make the difficult, usually treacherous journey to Europe where they are greeted by an entirely new set of problems. The process is almost cosmically, comically dark and arduous. That realization was what inspired Swiss animator Fabio Friedli to create his still all-too-timely tragicomedy “Bon Voyage.” Typically reserved for expressing good wishes to those about to go on a journey, Friedli twists the saying “bon voyage” into a hilariously cynical and ironic title for his film. – Vimeo Staff Pick “Bon Voyage”

I’ve been slow to post on podcasts lately so I’ll share this short film instead. Bon Voyage offers up a different, powerful perspective on how we understand the refugee journey. It’s so easy to skim past the endless stories on the migration and refugee crisis in our timelines. Storytelling like this, and other films, can hopefully cut through our collective fatigue.


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