50 Curious Conversations with Career Changers

Tldr: I want to interview career changers for a mini-podcast launching this summer. Submit your info here to be interviewed!

My new book for career changers is moving right along. I’ve just given it over to the publisher this week which feels damn good. With the first draft completed and editing in progress, I have some free time on my hands.

With this new free time I’m launching a new summer project. It’s based on my love of podcasts, conversations, and people. 50 Conversations is a limited run, mini-podcast featuring informal conversations with career changers.

Mini-podcast is really just code for informal podcasting because these audio nuggets won’t include intro music, editing, or sponsors. It’s simply short conversations with people who have made the jump from one career to another. You can sneak a listen to these stories on your commute and between meetings.

Jump stories are the stories behind the career change. They often answer the why and the how behind a career change. As a career coach, I often assign people the task of seeking out jump stories from other career changers.

In my upcoming book, I write about curiosity as a driver for career changes. Exploring people’s backgrounds through curious conversations is one of the most powerful tools in the career change process.

Talking to people about their career paths opens up new ideas and insights. Conversations bring job titles to life and help people feel motivated as they navigate the ups and downs of career changes.

This summer, I’m on a mission to share 50 jump stories to fire you up for your next career change.

Collecting Career Change Stories

career change: a shift from a function and industry into an entirely new one.

Maybe you’ve got a career change story. Or maybe you know someone who does. Either way, I want to hear it.

You don’t have to be an social influencer or have a platform or have that fancy title. I just want 50 stories of brilliant career transformation from all backgrounds, levels, and industries. If you’re stoked about your career change, I definitely want to hear from you.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Career changers who change from one role and industry into a different role and industry: There’s a category of career changers who started their own business or started freelancing. You guys are all bad ass but I am not looking for those stories for this project. I’m looking for people who jumped from one job category into another, and remained employed by an employer.

Career changers who went back to school, upskilled at a bootcamp, or taught themselves the skills they needed for their next career: I’m interested in your learning adventure. All learning adventures are welcome. I want to know what skills you learned in your transition.

People who have made multiple career changes: I’m in this group so naturally want to hear from you. If you’ve changed careers multiple times, come talk to me.

People who have unusual career changes: In my career I once jumped from program manager at a university to a private jet travel writer for a luxury travel company. It was unusual path but that’s how career changes work. If you have an unusual story, come tell me.

How to Share Your Career Change Story

I’m making it easy to share your career change story with me. All conversations will take place on Zoom, so you can be located anywhere. I’ll supply the link to Zoom, you supply a quiet space to talk.

First, fill out the form so I have your contact details and background.

Next, I’ll schedule a time and send you the four easy questions below that I’ll ask in the conversation alongside a time block. This gives you time to prep.

  • What role did you have and what did you change into?
  • Why did you change?
  • How did you make the change?
  • How do you feel now?

Once we schedule, we’ll have a 20 minute Zoom chat about your career change.

Note: This is a conversational blitz. All interview recordings will happen before 6/7/2019!

All curious conversations will be posted on this website. Learn when the next one comes out by signing up on our list!

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