6 online tools to make job searching during coronavirus less difficult

Let’s be honest: Job searching during coronavirus is brutal. Job searches in normal times aren’t easy. Job searching during COVID and mass layoffs adds a new layer of complicated: companies ghosting candidates, more competition for fewer jobs, and a newly remote workforce.

Add to that the general low level anxiety of doing anything during a pandemic and job searching during coronavirus is enough to beat down the most optimistic of job seekers.

So here’s a list of my favorite digital tools to make job searching during coronavirus less painful.

Job boards that tell you who is hiring during the pandemic

Glassdoor and LinkedIn have a feature that makes it easier to figure out who is hiring during coronavirus. Glassdoor tells you who is on a hiring surge and LinkedIn let’s you know who is actively hiring on LinkedIn. Unfortunately you can’t filter by actively hiring but it’s a useful feature regardless.

Lists of companies hiring during coronavirus

job searching during coronavirus  with lists of companies still hiring

Since the beginning of mass layoffs, organizations have come to together to put out lists of companies still hiring during coronavirus. Use these lists to explore companies, familiarize yourself with unfamiliar industries, and avoid wasting time with companies who aren’t hiring during COVID.

Start here: Companies still hiring during COVID

Automatic resume reviews

job searching during coronavirus  with resume reviews
Automated feedback from Jobscan

To stand out from the competition, you must make sure your resume actually communicates your qualifications for the job. Jobscan is the only digital tool that helps you improve your resume so it beats the ATS and is actually seen by a recruiter.

I’m constantly recommending Jobscan to jobseekers. If you can’t afford a professional resume review (and a lot of people can’t), this is your next best option.

One downside: Your first 5 scans are free which means you’ll get pretty addicted to using this handy tool. Then you have to pay. It’s $50 a month which is pretty expensive to keep going. So use your scans wisely.

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Pre-written resume bullet points

job searching during coronavirus  with resume templates
No need to write your resume bullets from scratch

Zety, an online resume builder, has a wealth of pre-written bullet points based on your job title. Select your job title and choose the bullet points that match your work. Use the built in editor to edit the pre-written bullet points to customize your accomplishments.

You’ll have to pay to download a full resume build from Zety which they don’t tell you until the end. So just build your bullet points here and copy and paste them into your own resume.

Plug & play cover letter builders

job searching during coronavirus  with cover letter builders
Fill in the blank and submit

Don’t write a cover letter from scratch. Use a cover letter template instead. Zety also has plug and play cover letter language. They provide the language and paragraphs that you can edit and use in your cover letter.

Similar to the resume builder, you need to pay to download any new cover letter that you build on their system. Avoid that by just copying and pasting from the builder into your own document.

I recommend Zety because it’s easy to use and it saves you from staring at a blank page wondering what to write. Nobody needs that kind of stress when job searching during coronavirus!

Free online courses for digital skills

job searching during coronavirus with online courses

If you haven’t been in the market for a job in the past 5 years, you’ll notice a change in most job postings. More job postings than ever require digital skills. Digital skills can range from the ability to work with certain software, to data analytics, to understanding code.

If you see a job that interests you but you don’t have the digital skills, look into free online courses to learn them. You have so many choices. LinkedIn Learning, edX, Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity, are just a few of them.

Take the course, get the certificate, and slap that on your resume, so any employer will know you’re an agile worker with digital skills.

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job searching during coronavirus

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