Here’s how to avoid endless resume reviews in career services

The majority of career services professionals hate resume reviews. They can’t say this out right of course. Career services leadership and university administration expects their department to function as a resume review service. I know this because it was common knowledge when I worked in career services. Full confession, I also hated resume reviews when I was an MBA career coach.

Career services leadership has access to an easy to solution that will put an end to resume reviews: Teach students how to use new resume platforms that use artificial intelligence to review and score resumes.

I wrote about how to write resumes using artificial intelligence on my website for remote jobs. I explain the three platforms that use AI to review resumes and show how to use them in the resume writing process.

Share it with your students or adopt the process in your own department. Then think of all the things career services could do if you didn’t have resume reviews. And while you’re questioning resumes reviews, start questioning all the things career services is doing that need to change.

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