Would you take a job that pays you in Ethereum?

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. We specialise in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those building up to their ICOs… We pay our staff in Ethereum which can be easily sold for USD or the currency of your choice on a variety of exchanges and we can support you in this.

I originally clicked on this post because the job title was so unique. AmaZix is looking for a Professional Telegram Moderator, a title that might be a bit too clever for its own good (but hey it got me to click!). But the requirements are just as interesting as the title:

  • A fluent level of English (if you are also fluent in Russian or Chinese it will be a plus)
  • Be willing to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to the task (working hours are negotiable, full-time is ideal)
  • Have good social skills, being ready to deal sometimes with complicated users posing nasty questions or FUDingĀ 
  • Be ready to invoice AmaZix for your services
  • Be comfortable being paid in Ethereum
  • Be organized and ready to bring your skills into a decentralized organization with members from many different countries

Paying in Ethereum is a sure fire way to ensure the people you attract are invested in the future of digital currencies and have the knowledge to do the job well.

This is a remote job, working on digital currencies and being paid in digital currencies, across cultures. The future of work continues to fascinate me.