This is how you connect online learning to career outcomes

FutureLearn, an online course provider with a gorgeous UX, is killing it when it comes to connecting online learning opportunities to career outcomes. I just stumbled on a link to their Become a Data Scientist page and when I landed I felt a little like this:

They nailed it. I’ve written previously about online course providers who fail to help learners articulate how their online courses improve career prospects. FutureLearn does this exceptionally well with their Become a Data Scientist page. It’s a model for online platforms who are targeting mid-level professionals on how to frame their course offerings: start with career outcomes then connect the courses to the outcomes.

It looks like this:

First give an overview of the career path: description, salary, job openings.

Then educate the student on the skills they need to become a data scientist. (this helps for the job search too as learners will be able to articulate the skills they’ve mastered)

Next, connect learners to opportunities that help them develop those skills.

(plus one for setting expectations with timeframes and workloads)

Finally, seal the deal with social proof and the benefits. 

Above all do it with good UX and design. FutureLearn does this wonderfully. The only thing I’d add is video testimonials or stories from students who have made the transition to a data scientist. I’m impressed which is hard to do since I’m definitely a critic when it comes to popular online learning experiences.

Now imagine if college majors were designed this way for prospective students?